Twiggy Tuesdays, Woodland Wednesdays and Forest Fridays!

Forest and woodland areas are well known for helping children gain knowledge and understanding of the natural environment, improving their self-confidence and developing all areas of the curriculum. Our weekly forest sessions provide children with an opportunity to do just this.

Safety is an important issue and children are taught the rules before entering the woods. We use red and white barrier tape, stop signs and play "1, 2, 3... where are you?" All the staff have had forest skills training.

Once in the woods the children have ample opportunities for free play, exploring and climbing. Structured activities are also offered such as bark rubbing and making hats, wands, mud pies etc Songs, stories and group activities are held in our base camp or den.

My daughter loves the forest session! She comes home full of stories about the things she saw and games played in the woods. I love that they spend so much time outdoors at Stepping Stones. The forest session is a big reason we chose this preschool.