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November 2020

Hi everyone,

We will start with the important things and then get onto the fun things for Christmas afterwards!

Finishing time

Please can parents make sure they arrive on time to pick up their children at the end of the day. Recently a few times parents have been late, and staff have then been late to pick up their own children. Most local schools changed their opening hours to allow time for cleaning which means our staff are on a very tight time schedule. Even though our staff do lots of cleaning at the end of the day we did not change our times to allow for this.  However, this is something we will have to look at if parents continue to be late for pick up.

South Gloucestershire announcement

South Gloucestershire have announced that the cases are extremely high now in South Gloucestershire. This is of course a great concern for everyone and all we can do is continue abiding by the lockdown rules.


Because of the Covid pandemic we have decided to get all our Christmas activities/crafts et cetera finished the week before we break up. This means If any parents are thinking of not sending them at the end of term to enable them to be “safe” for Christmas they will not miss out on the Christmas activities. Obviously, we are still open and welcome anybody who wants to come. We will still find some Christmassy things to do!

Christmas post box

We will still have a Christmas post box but please make sure any Christmas cards you’re sending are with us by Friday fourth of December. We will start giving them out from Tuesday eighth of December once they have been quarantined! Please do not allow your child to lick the envelopes!

Christmas Santa

Although Santa will be dropping off some presents in the woods, he will not be there in person this year as he is not in our bubble. We will still make this a very fun and enjoyable occasion for the children. 

Christmas parties

There will be two parties this year, so we do not mix children from different days. These will be on Thursday 10th December and Friday 11th December. More details later. 

Last day

On the last session before Christmas on Friday the 18th we will be finishing at 2 pm to give staff a chance to clear away.


We are wanting to do an activity which involves using a Virtual Santa alongside a picture of your child. To do this we would need to take the picture on a mobile phone. If you’re happy with this, please could you give permission by email or in writing. It would also include sending the photos off to be printed. Thank you

Christmas jumper day

As Christmas jumper day is our party day, we will continue doing Christmas jumper week/fancy dress the following week on the last week of term. 

Second hand sweatshirts

We have a number of second hand sweatshirts which we are selling for donations. This could be especially useful at this time when we are asking for clean clothes every day. 


We are unable to do the raffle that we usually do this year but as we have not done any fundraising since lockdown, we are hoping to do a Christmas hamper raffle. We are asking parents if they have anything that they are willing to donate for an adults hamper e.g chocolate‘s, wine, mince pies, gift set, toiletries et cetera  and then these will be raffled off on the Thursday and Friday at the parties (one each day). 

Extra sessions

Our numbers are increasing in January and some sessions are getting full. If you are wanting any extra sessions for your child, please can you let us know this week so we can work out staffing for January. Thank you

Kind regards

Gill and Rianna