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Easter 2019

Dear parents,

Sorry the newsletter is a bit late but we have been waiting on some information.

Extra sessions

We are getting busy on some sessions after Easter so if you would like your child to up their sessions please let me know ASAP.

Pick up time

Please can you make sure you arrive on time to pick up your children at the end of the afternoon. A couple of times lately parents have arrived very late for their children. Because staff have to stay behind they are then late to pick up their own children from school. We understand sometimes unexpected things happen but if you are unable to pick your child up please can you make sure somebody else is available to do so. Thank you. 

Also on the note of pickup, some of you will know that Pilning School are considering changing their finishing time and bringing it forward. We were hoping to hear by now whether this was going to happen but as of yet have not heard. If this does happen some of our staff will have to get away promptly, to pick their children up, which is why we are starting to have children ready on the carpet for 3 pm. We have started a plan of action just in case and part of this is to make sure we have good numbers in September to allow three member of staff in the afternoons.


We are now collecting numbers for September so please let me know if you wish to change your child's days or add any extra sessions.  The days they are in at present will be reserved for them. 

Because we have a large number of children going to school this year , our numbers in September are quite low, (especially in the afternoons, which is when we need more),  so if anyone could deliver flyers for us, we would be very grateful. Also if you go to any toddler group/church group/shops and could display a poster or display leaflets that would be great. Thank you.

Easter egg hunt/ OpenAfternoon

We have arranged to have an Easter egg hunt in the woods at an Open Afternoon on Wednesday April 3rd 1-3pm for prospective parents.  Please can you tell your friends about this and again help by displaying the posters. Thank you

Sponsored Find It

As a fundraiser we are doing a sponsored find it over the Easter holiday. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and all money collected will go towards buying new equipment and resources for your children. We are looking at getting a canopy for the patio so the children can go out in all weathers. It involves your children collecting a number of items and sticking them on a board over the spring holiday. If you could get family members to sponsor them we would be most grateful.  If you do not wish to get sponsors please still collect the items with your child as the children enjoy showing everyone what they collected. Boards and sponsor forms will be given out the week before Easter.


Please can you remember to bring in a piece of fruit every day or some breadsticks, crackers etc every few days. Thank you.

Parents Evening 

This will be held on Monday 1st April from 6pm. There will be a list out as usual to arrange a timeslot to see your child’s key worker.


If you have any waterproofs please can you bring them in for your child for the woods when the weather is not good. We are struggling getting ours washed and dried all the time in time for the next session.

 Gill and the team