We always have a large selection of books out, and some sort of tactile play each session, e.g. playdough. To encourage independence the children choose their own activities during free-play and have free choice from the craft corner. We regularly use the computer with the children throughout the session.
We have a library for the children. They may choose a book each session and take it home to read.

This is an outline of our day. Some days may vary slightly, e.g. when we are doing cooking.

8:55 - Arrive

Children put their photos and names on the board to register. One child is the Helper for the session.

08:55 - 10:15

Activities, inside and outside e.g. painting, puzzles, craft, board games, playdough, mathematical activities, free play, sand, water and physical activities such as slide, trampoline and climbing frame.


Circle time. Snacks.

10.30 -10.45

Milk and water are offered with fruit at mid-morning and mid-afternoon sitting in small groups at the tables. Children cut up the fruit and pour their own drink. Often we do a rolling snack where the children come to the snack table when they are hungry and thirsty.

10.45 – 11.45

Free play and children's choice inside and outside e.g. computer, fantasy corner, choice of tabletop activities from trolley, self-selection from craft trolley.

11.45 -12.00

Singing and story.

11:55 - Lunch time

Afternoon session runs in a similar way to our morning sessions

14:55 - Home time

At Stepping Stones we realise that as children start getting ready for school, they need extra learning opportunities to prepare them for the new learning environment they will be moving onto. We make sure each individual child is working to their full potential, by offering tailored learning and exciting activities that have been planned by our dedicated staff. We have a fantastic nurturing team that get to know how your children learn best and this gives them the best start to their learning journey.