We always have a large selection of books out, and some sort of tactile play each session, e.g. playdough. To encourage independence the children choose their own activities during free-play and have free choice from the craft corner. We regularly use the computer with the children throughout the session.
We have a library for the children. They may choose a book each session and take it home to read.

This is an outline of our morning. Some days may vary slightly, e.g. when we are doing cooking.

9:00 - Arrive

Children put their photos and names on the board to register. One child is the Helper for the session.

09:00 - 10:15

Activities, inside and outside e.g. painting, puzzles, craft, board games, playdough, mathematical activities, free play, sand, water and physical activities such as slide, trampoline and climbing frame.


Circle time. Snacks.

10.30 -10.45

Milk and water are offered with fruit at mid-morning and mid-afternoon sitting in small groups at the tables. Children cut up the fruit and pour their own drink. Often we do a rolling snack where the children come to the snack table when they are hungry and thirsty.

10.45 – 11.45

Free play and children's choice inside and outside e.g. computer, fantasy corner, choice of tabletop activities from trolley, self-selection from craft trolley.

11.45 -12.00

Singing and story.

12:00 - Home time