Starting at Stepping Stones

Before your child starts at Pre-school you are welcome to bring him/her along for a visit. This is important as it will help your child to feel secure and at ease here. On the first few sessions you are welcome to stay until your child settles.

Session times and venue

At present we meet in Elberton Village Hall, Elberton Road, Monday to Friday 8.55am. – 2.55pm.


All children are eligible for the Nursery Education Grant from the term after they are 3, (some from aged 2) and it entitles them to 5 free sessions a week for 38 weeks per year. Current fees are: £4.80 an hour or a Nursery Education Grant for Nursery grant aged children (3+) or £5.20 an hour for 2 year olds. There is an initial registration fee of £20 for two year olds. Fees are payable at the beginning of each half term. You will be asked to pay for all sessions booked. Exceptions to this will only be permitted in special circumstances


We have red Stepping Stones sweatshirts, polo shirts and T-shirts for the staff and children. Please see application form for prices and ordering details.


If you have a complaint about anything at Pre-school, please feel free to discuss it with any member of staff, and we will do our best to correct anything you feel is causing concern. Should you wish to speak to someone independent, you can contact Ofsted on 0300 123 1231 or write to them at: Applications, Regulatory and Contact (ARC) Team, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

Keyworker System

At Stepping Stones we aim to offer the highest possible quality of experience for both children and adults in the group. Because of this we use the keyworker system. Each keyworker has special responsibilities for a few children. You will know the name of your child's keyworker from the beginning of your involvement at Stepping Stones. Each of our keyworkers is responsible for maintaining development records of their children, by observing, keeping records, monitoring the child's progress and providing play plans. Our keyworker system enables us to ensure a planned curriculum tailored to the needs of each individual child. During their time at Stepping Stones all children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace.